HTML5 Video Resources


HTML5 Video Converter takes (almost) any video file and converts it into mp4, webm and ogg files ready for use in a HTML5 video player.


How to build a HTML5 background video using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

10 Guidelines for Better Website Background Videos


We’ve created some free pattern overlays to help you disguise poor quality assets. Read about them on our blog, or go straight to the demo and freebies.


jQuery Background Video plugin. Instantly improve your HTML5 background videos with a single line of jQuery. Read more about the plugin on GitHub.

Background Videos for Visual Composer. A WordPress plugin that adds-on to the popular Visual Composer plugin, allowing a background video on any row.

Video Backgrounds for SiteOrigin Page Builder. An add-on for the SiteOrigin Page Builder WordPress plugin, allowing a background video on any row.