Contribute to BG Stock

If you’re a film professional, or even a hobbyist, contributing to BG Stock is a great way to earn some extra money. Often you’ll already have some clips in your collection that can be repurposed as background videos, and in that case it’s a no-brainer. If you’ve got time to film some clips specifically for background videos then that’s even better, and will likely make you more sales.

Contributors get a flat 50% of the revenue from sales on their videos.

How to contribute?

  1. Read the BG Stock Contributor Guidelines on this page first, which explains what we’re looking for.
  2. Read the BG Stock Contributor Agreement on this page.
  3. Complete the Contributor Registration Form on this page.
  4. Start sending us videos (via Dropbox, Hightail or your preferred large-file transfer service). If your contribution meets our guidelines, we’ll put it up for sale and let you know.

BG Stock Contributor Guidelines

These guidelines explain what we’re looking for, and how you can improve your chances of getting your videos on BG Stock and ultimately make the most money.

The videos generally must fit the following guidelines:

  • No more than 40 seconds in length
  • Limited movement, no shaky shots or fast panning
  • Ideally 1080p

We also value the following attributes, which will affect the popularity and price of your video on BG Stock:

  • Seamless loops and full edits (multiple shots cut together) are more valuable than single standard clips
  • Popular subject matter (E.g. office settings, city shots, etc) will improve the value of your video
  • If we can’t picture it as a background video, it won’t be accepted

BG Stock Contributor Agreement

BG Stock Contributors must agree to the following points before their videos will be considered for sale.


As a contributor, you agree that we set the price for your video based on quality, popularity of subject matter, and whether it’s a single clip, seamless loop or full edit (seamless loops and full edits are priced higher than single clips). If you disagree with the price we set for your video, you can request that it be pulled from the catalog.


From time to time we will run sales or offer coupons that discount the standard prices of some or all of the videos on the website. We only ever do this in an effort to increase sales and ultimately profit for our contributors and ourselves. As a contributor, you agree that your video may be discounted from time to time, and that your commission will still be 50% of the total (discounted) sale price.


As a contributor, you agree that your videos will be licensed under the BG Stock Multi Use Stock Video License. This license is between you and the customer – BG Stock and Branch Digital are not a party to this license.


As the contributor of a video, you will remain the owner of that video and can request it’s removal from the BG Stock catalog at any time. By sending us a video for inclusion on the website, you confirm that you are the owner of the video. You agree to accept liability for any copyright claims against your video content, and hold both BG Stock and Branch Digital harmless of any copyright infringement claims. As long as you own anything you send us, you’ll be fine.


As a contributor you agree to be paid at most once per month via PayPal. The minimum PayPal transfer is US$50 – if you are owed less than US$50 one month your balance will roll over into the next month.

Contributor Registration Form

Complete this form to register as a contributor. You’ll receive instructions on how to send your videos.