3 thoughts on “10 Guidelines for Better Website Background Videos

  1. Your plugin has crashed our site as soon as we installed plug in and I need to get help from someone but I cannot find a support section?

    1. Hi Jason,

      Which plugin are you using, and do you have a URL I can view the site on?


    2. Hi Jason,

      It looks like you’ve installed ‘Background Videos for Visual Composer’ without having Visual Composer installed. Is that correct?

      The plugin requires Visual Composer to be installed to function correctly. Usually that means you’ll need a theme that’s been built on Visual Composer.

      To get your site back up and running, access your server via FTP or CPanel and go to the wp-content/plugins folder, then rename ‘background-videos-for-vc’ folder to ‘_background-videos-for-vc’ (or delete it entirely).

      Best Regards,

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